Top 20 NuGet simple Packages

Simple and easy user-persistent configuration library for .NET Capable of saving and loading nearly any object onto the disk. Designed to be as easy to use as possible via the use of the dynamic keyword, JSON and a constant striving for slimness. See here for more details:
Advanced registration methods for Simple Injector DI framework.
Implements simple wrapper to handle good symmetric encryption and password hashing (new in 1.0.2).
A higher-level interface for Amazon SQS in .NET, which basically queue n dequeue guid's
A flexible and easy to use .NET library that simplifies matching of values as well as filtering.
Easy and Simple way to add membership feature to your project. based on Identity, Owin, Entity Framework.
ApplicationLogging provides interfaces and classes to allow simple logging from a client application. The included interface IApplicationLogger can be injected into client classes, and exposes simple methods for capturing detailed logging information from these client classes. ApplicationLogging in...
Extends SimpleInjector with capability to Register Modules to the container which comes very handy if you follow SOLID principles and don't want to expose your internal class implementations.
Simple webapi tracelog library
A really simple library for checking if a feature is enabled/disabled
Simple Youtube library for easy access to clear stripped down YouTube playlist and video data using version 3 of the YouTube API
EasySettings is a simple, minimalist settings manager, that makes it very easy to persist settings. The objects are serialized using Newtonsoft.Json
Maps interface properties to document type properties. Works for 6.x and 7.x.
A simple lightweight Neural network library, suitable for education and enthusiasts. Currently in development and not finished yet, please look forward for updates.
Maps interface properties to document type properties. Untested below 7.5
A very simple JWT libary for creating comptible JWT tokens for SSA (Super Simple Auth)
Simple Object Factory supports Dependency Injection pattern in .NET. SOF simplifies creation of types with chained dependencies. SOF is reflection-based constructor-injection library.
Sockets Server/Client Library
Package Description
Light libary designed for the core project, currently for the following libraries: - NetCore.Simple - ConsumeAPI.Simple