Top 20 NuGet server Packages

ASP.NET Core implementation of the Open Service Broker API
SocketLabs .Net Client Library.
Base logger for the WorkflowServer and DWKit.
Flexible memory cache with backing cache of files, SQLite, or SQL Server. Compatible with .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard. Ready for your Xamarin or Internet of Things project.
Provides the XMPP client defined in Waher.Networking.XMPP with mail-extension support. The IoT Broker XMPP server supports mail extensions::
Small (almost cross Database: SQL Server, MySql, Postgres and SqLite) tool for create/delete database, execute queries and retrieve data mainly designed to help to set up infrastructure for unit tests
SanteDB Server assemblies for plugin which need to unit test with ADO persistence services
Extensions to DbUp supporting easy filtering, ordering and versioning.
A server-side library for .NET that extends WebSync to provide location/user-based chat services. (Community Edition)
naked Agility Visual Studio Team Services Sync & Migration Engine allows you to bulk edit data in Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). You can migrate work items, area & iterations, & test data from one Team Project to another. You can builk update work item...
A very lightweight HTTP server implementation for .NET written using C#; designed to support low-energy devices, such as the Raspberry Pi.
Simple multi-platform HTTP server based on HttpListener.
EntityFramework + SqlCe adapter for Antler framework.
This library enables .NET Framework applications to use Microsoft Azure Key Vault with Always Encrypted in Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft SQL Server. The library includes the column master key store provider that allows client applications to access data when a column master key is store...
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for PostgreSQL.
A fast and easy to use cross platform library for managing data with a SQL Server database based on Dapper.
Easy to Use SQL Server Script Management Library
Supported databases: Sql Server, Sql Azure, My Sql, Sqlite, Oracle, PostgreSql, Firebird, DB2/LUW Capable of using the same poco objects for any database vendor. Small, Fast, Simple to use and understand. This ORM strives to provide as much detailed information available in any exceptions that are...
Integrates RemoteViewing with ASP.NET Core, allowing you to host a noVNC server.
ASP.NET HTTP module for the Secret Server SDK. Retrieve Secret values on demand using placeholders in your application config file. Requires ASP.NET 4.6.1 and above. For ASP.NET 4.6 and below, use the Client.HttpModule package.