Top 20 NuGet server Packages

NWebDav.Server.AspNetCore is a flexible WebDAV server library that can be used to expose files or other data using WebDAV hosted via .NET core.
Implementation of SqlRepo for Microsoft SQL Server
A lightweight and highly scalable asynchronous WebSocket listener for .NET Core, .NET and Mono.
A HttpListener-based mobile WebDAV server that runs on iOS and Android on .NET Standard 2.0. It stores all data in iOS/Android file system extended attributes. This sample provides access to the documents inside a mobile app folder. To see the documents a user opens a sample web page served by this ...
The core Secret Server SDK library, required for interacting with Secret Server 10.4 or above programatically through the SDK.
Kivii Dev Platform 服务器端业务加载器
Workfow Server is a ready-to-use Workflow Engine-based application that you can deploy into your infrastructure. It can be integrated with NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, .NET, or Java applications via a REST API. Workflow Server is a key component for managing the lifecycle of business objects within your enter...
Ultimate SFTP Server helps you create your own SFTP & SCP server to provide secure remote file system access over an SSH channel using the SFTP protocol with a few lines of code. Intuitive API and compatible with many SFTP, SCP and SSH clients including the Ultimate SFTP client library. You can try...
QboxNext is a modified clone of Qplatform.
This is an lambda extension of dapper, Chain style makes developers more elegant and intuitive.
This is an lambda extension of dapper, Chain style makes developers more elegant and intuitive.
Simple Query. ORM Very Easy to use. All CRUD operations. Dapper and ORM in the same place
ORM and LINQ Provider. Features: Auto Mapping, Generate Classes from Tables, Generate Tables from Classes, Synchronize Classes to Tables, Generic ADO.NET Wrapper, LINQ Provider support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, VistaDB, Firebird, SQLite, and Microsoft Access.
Deprecated. Use the strong named ServiceStack.OrmLite.SqlServer package instead.
Module used for working with web services.
RemoteViewing is a .NET-native VNC client and server library. It supports Raw, Hextile, Copyrect, and Zlib encodings.
MiniProfiler: Profiler storage for SQL Server
Framework for invoking the Secret Server SDK programmatically, including configuration options.
SQL Server implementation of the RevStackCore repository pattern.
Creates an RPC service based on an interface