Top 20 NuGet server Packages

C# binding to the pitaya-cpp library
ThinkGeo.MapSuite.WmsServer is based on .NET Framework. It is the fastest and easiest way to set up a high-performance, scalable and standards compliant Web Map Service (WMS). A WMS serves up map data as tiled images which are then consumed by client applications. With Map Suite WMS Server, you can ...
Core Library for Rim WebSocket Server, Client and HTTP Server
Small and simple Data Access Layer/Library/Repositories for Entity Framework Core using Sql Server Provider
ChickenAPI's Core abstraction (IoC, Logging, Utils, EventPipelines, Plugins, RPC..)
Selenium.WedDriver.Equip is a group of highly useful functionality not currently in Selenium.WebDriver. Extension of the Selenium WebDriver project. These API's are geared to make writing tests and code quicker and easier.
ASP.NET WebListener WebDAV Context for IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .NET. You will reference this package in your WebDAV server project if your server is based on WebListener.
Portable .NET framework-level classes that are specific for server-side JSON API document building creating an internal DOM tree representation in a progressive builder fluent style.
HTTP server with minimal dependencies
An implementation of "cloud storage" based on FTP / FTPS. Supports SSL/TLS encryption, database authentication, file logging. Has customizable authentication / logging / filesystem ;Uses DI. Server supports raw ftp commands and some essential FTP extensions. For examples of usage, please visit: htt...
OpenRiaServices.Server provides the OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Hosting and OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Server assemblies. The web.config.transform adds the necessary configSections, HTTP modules, and system.serviceModel elements to make your Domain Services available at runtime. ...
C# API wrapper for Atlassian BitBucket Server (previously know as Stash)
With IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .NET you can create your own WebDAV server, CalDAV/CardDAV server, add WebDAV support to your existing .NET project or DAV-enable your CMS/DMS/CRM. Using WebDAV Server Engine for .NET you can enable opening documents for editing from a web page and save back to ...
IT Hit WebDAV Server Context for projects that use Clssic ASP.NET HttpContext from System.Web
This package is part of the Azure Mobile .NET Server SDK and provides authentication features. To learn more about Azure Mobile, go to
This package is part of the Azure Mobile .NET Server SDK and provides the default Azure Mobile homepage at the root of your site. To learn more about Azure Mobile, go to
Documentation and samples: SignalGo is a library for Cross-Platform developers that makes it incredibly simple to add real-time web functionality to your applications. What is "real-time web" functionality? It's the ability to have your server-sid...
Implements the HTTP over XMPP extension XEP-0332.
Dapper-based fluent library to simplify SQL Server data access.
Implementation of SqlRepoEx ORM for Lambda Turn to No SQL dialect statement