Top 20 NuGet selenium Packages

Providing Support of Auth, Chain, Rotating Proxies For Selenium Chrome Driver Support Only HTTP Proxies (Chrome Not Support Socks4&5 For Now)
This .NET Standard package provides convenient access to the Local API REST interface of the Kameleo Client.
NUnit matchers for Coypu. Supported platforms: - .NET Framework 4.5+ - .NET Standard 2.0+ - .NET Core 2.0
Provides a framework for composing and executing reusable user actions during tests.
Various utility methods for Selenium from .NET. (Use jQuery or Sizzle css selectors, wait on ajax operations, check client-side exceptions, switch to/from new window)
Configures SpecFlow to be able to easily use Selenium for WebTesting. Makes it possible to annotate a scenario with the browser it's supposed to work with. Contains SauceLabs IWebDriver implementation which has utility methods to update test status.
Package provides a ready to use SpecFlow steps for all commonly used actions based on WebAutomation framework. For more details see Project Site.
Various fluent style data generators and extension methods for constrained non-determinism in your unit tests, integration tests, general automation projects and mock-ups.
[DEPRECATED] Use Install-Package Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.NUnit Install-Package Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.Features or Install-Package Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.MsTest instead
Provide useful utility methods and classes that can be used by Selenium based tests
Put Selenium Server Standalone jar in your output folder. version 3.9.1
Extensions and Helpers for WebDriver based automation framework
This project allows to you capture JavaScript errors while running tests with WebDriver.
Tools for using aXe for web accessibility testing with C# and Selenium.
Out of the box test automation framework utilizing SpecFlow, Coypu, Selenium and a page object pattern for automated UI testing.
Extension package for Selenium API. Adds advanced and complicated Selenium actions into Selenium API. Allows bi-directional interaction with Selenium. This package will not affect any current Selenium implementations it will only add extension methods to Selenium API.
Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting browser automation. These tools are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating and manipulating elements within a browser, and one of its key features is the support for automating multiple browser pl...
A library to ease the creation of Selenium WebDriver instances in .net Core projects. Supports browser instances run locally or on a Selenium grid. Supported Browsers: Chrome Firefox Edge (Windows 10) Internet Explorer 11 (Windows Platforms) Safari (MacOS) Platforms: Windows (PlatformType.Windows)...
Lightweight library for fluent Web UI automations with Selenium. Contains a collection of extension methods on top of Selenium types.
Provides expected conditions extension methods for the WebDriverWait object.