Top 20 NuGet remote Packages

Remote configuration provider implementation to use with Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration for loading settings from a remote source
dotTrace Performance helps detect performance bottlenecks in a variety of .NET Framework applications.
LIRC# is a simple client library to allow a .NET application to interact with an LIRC server to control or be controlled by IR devices.
RemoteViewing is a .NET-native VNC client and server library. It supports Raw, Hextile, Copyrect, and Zlib encodings, and includes a Windows Forms control to make embedding VNC in your program extremely easy.
Remote method execution framework for .NET based on client-server model. This package contains framework interfaces.
Library for interfacing with a server using XmlRpc
Remote Tools (Debuggers) for Visual Studio.
Simple library allowing to implement the authentication using Secure Remote Password (SRP-6a) protocol.
A simple class to allow signing of RDP files
A little library to call methods from a runtime array.
Framework for easy RPC (Remote Process Communication)! Supports .NET Standard 1.6, so will run on any modern .NET platform, including .NET Core!
An application used to remotely manage your services.
This library blurs the distinction between calling local and remote methods. It's fast, efficient, and avoids limitations of SOAP-based protocols such as WCF. Source code and documentation will be made available shortly.
IntelliSense support for Raptorlog >= 1.0.0-beta021
EzNetworking - A simple to use tcp server / client library
.NET library
A command-line tool to enable authentication of Azure Vault when developing in local environment. For example when VSCode Remote Containers are used this utility can be run to enable the authentication. This tool is only functional for Docker Containers or Kubernetes cluster running locally.
A generic DriverOptions Class for passing capabilities to generic/remote WebDrivers
devcontainer is a CLI tool that helps create and manage zero-install build/development (VS Code remote containers compatible) environments
An RPC library that leverages RabbitMQ