Top 20 NuGet remote Packages

Implementation of the Z Camera E-1 API for .NET
Simple library to ease the pain of doing networking.
Dream-Remoting is a networking solution primarily geared towards game development
Cross platform .net roku client library
C# library designed to automate use of Logitech Harmony Hub.
Package Description
Inter application test enabler library
ClientUtils module for SchedulerService
Bomeans IrEasy USB Dongle
Find and control VLC media players across a network using their HTTP interfaces.
Tesla Model S C# API Implementation
Server side analytics tool for AspNet Core
Time series methods for ServerSideAnalytics tool for AspNet Core
Remote I/O Library for .Net Standard
A GroBuf serialization provider for NotLiteCode
.NET fast and lightweight IPC framework that allows clients to work with hosted objects remotelly (call methods, get or set properties, subscribe to events, etc.). Can be used as an object-oriented replacement to traditional RPC (Remote Procedure Call) mechanisms.
MaxMind GeoLite geo ip resolver for ServerSideAnalytics
Pulseway SDK for application monitoring.
RemoteViewing.LibVnc is a .NET VNC server library, which wraps around libvncserver.