Top 20 NuGet remote Packages

Low level implementation of Chrome DevTools Protocol
Library of handling ESU's ECoS 50200/50210' communication protocol by providing parsing approaches to abstract any information bypassed between any client and the ECoS control unit.
Google Cloud Print implementation for C#. Supports using Service Accounts.
C# port of burdoto's Java VBAN-API
Command line tools to remotely debug .NET in AWS Lambda (see LambdaRemoteDebug package).
INDILib porting to a C# DLL: automation & control of astronomical instruments
Microsoft Azure Management Library of Mixed Reality cloud services.
EloquentObjects client and server with Protobuf serializer (using protobuf-net).
Package with WCF callback interface and implementation for accessing client logs remotely FROM SERVER (useful for diagnostics to see what is happenned on client side). Independent from log subsystem (NLog, Serilog, log4net and others)
Advanced HttpClient infrastructure for mobile applications.
A .NET Standard library containing the server-side FactoryOrchestrator classes. Required on all FactoryOrchestrator server projects. See for more information.
A UWP class library containing the client-side FactoryOrchestrator classes, required to interact with Factory Orchestrator Service from a UWP app. See for more information.
A WCF logging service implementation that uses the Logging Application Block to handle log messages on the server. Also useful in conjunction with the Remote Service trace listener of the Silverlight Integration Pack.
Belz is a .Net open source engine for parallel workers processing
Belz.QueueProvider is a Queue Provider interface for Belz project
Remote method execution framework for .NET based on client-server model. Currently this project is in early phase, which means that its API may significantly change between versions.
Remote method execution framework for .NET based on client-server model. This package contains network transport layer implemented with Lidgren framework.
One of the challenges with mobile applications is the inability to iterate on apps quickly due to the app verification process and users' reluctance to update. A/B Testing is a great way of testing new features but this still requires the app to be re-verified in order to increase the number of use...
Configure your .NET application with C# config files. Config files are C# source files: intellisensed, refactorable, resharpered, syntax checked, compiled, type safe. Write real code with control structures and classes in config files. Include other config files and remote (HTTP) config snippets.
.Net wrapper around the Lifx cloud HTTP API