Top 20 NuGet remote Packages

This is the client library that will help you get up and running with the RemoteConfigs API.
Control Sky Q box by IP address over wired or wifi network. Supports all remote control commands including power on/off, change channel, play/pause/stop/record, show program guide, box office and UI navigation. Retrieve set-top box information such as device manufacturer, model and software version....
ServiceWire is a very fast and light weight service host and dynamic client library that simplifies the development and use of high performance remote procedure call (RPC) communication between .NET processes over Named Pipes or TCP/IP. And with the release of 2.0.0, ServiceWire now supports optiona...
.NET Standard library containing the client-side FactoryOrchestrator classes, required to interact with Factory Orchestrator Service. Also contains optional helper classes. See for more information.
A .NET Standard library containing the core FactoryOrchestrator classes. Required in all projects. See for more information.
==CSharpTest.Net.RpcLibrary== Simply one of the fastest and most robust inter-process communcations available on the Windows platform. WinRPC is the building block of DCOM and probably the most used remote proceedure call in Windows. In plain words it is the fastest, most stable, secure transport... Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
Belz.QueueProvider.IronMq is an IronMq service implementation for Belz Queue Provider interface
Remote method execution framework for .NET based on client-server model. This package contains framework core classes.
Collection of utility classes for dealing with Windows services, IIS, WMI, Registry, x509 certs, Files, security, network shares, GAC files, and a few other things. Most utilities can be ran locally or remotely.
Client api for communicating with the ConDep WebQ Server. ConDep WebQ is a simple http queue for queuing deployments per environment, preventing deployments to execute simultaniously, potentually causing race conditions.
Remote helpers used by ConDep operations server side.
ConDepNode is a Node deployed to remote servers by ConDep allowing easy remote interaction with servers.
ConDep is a highly extendable Domain Specific Language for Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code on Windows. This package contians operations for interacting with Amazon AWS, like bootstrapping Windows servers.
Interfaces Remote Controller commands
This package provides a framework for .net projects that enables the projects to be configured locally using a JSON file or in a remote server for centralized management/browsing. The settings are bootstraped using normal code, no additional configuration is necessary.
Package Description
SqlServer storage for ServerSideAnalytics
SqLite store for ServerSideAnalytics