Top 20 NuGet reflection Packages

An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
I am a reflection helper that helps you reflect on the code around you. Provides a standard interface for common reflection tasks that works acorss .NET full framework and .NET Core.
Slight extension of the Banane9.StateMachine package for chat bots.
A set of Expression tree based object instance comparers
This package contains the .NET Framework reflection information data set for use with the EWSoftware.SHFB package.
Creates fast, strongly typed delegates for accessing methods, fields and properties. The right overload is automatically chosen based on the type arguments of Func<> or Action<>.
Métodos y utilidades base del framework
Commons and data modeling library for the Tortuga project.
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for MS Access.
Class library that adds dynamic module loading capabilities to Waher.Runtime.Inventory.
Dotnet core reflection utility
Seed strategy and default implementation for EF Core
Adds diagnostics command line utilities for diagnosing what conventions are available to be run
Missil is a set of extension method for chaining ILGenerator.Emit(OpCode) calls.
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for .NET and ODBC Databases.
Reflection library that achieves greater performance than the built-in .NET reflection.
Allows to add reflection-based providers
Parse command-line args directly into your POCOs with a simple, yet complete and elegant fluent API
The library for things that may or may not exist. Existential is a utility library that contains parameter validation methods, a Maybe monad, and more. It can be used to work effectively with nulls, to efficiently resolve Code Analysis issues CA1062 and CA2000, to help generate a hash code, and to ...
A light-weight (actually contains one class :) ) library that extends any unsealed type at runtime.