Top 20 NuGet reflection Packages

[Obsolete] Use KY.Generator.Annotations instead Annotations for Reflection Module for KY-Generator
Collection of utility functions
This library adds compiled materializers to Tortuga Chain.
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for PostgreSQL.
Class library that keeps an inventory of types and interfaces available in your code. It also provides a means to access available types given an interface, and can find the best implementation to process a task or item. It can be used to implement an Inversion of Control Pattern, and helps instanti...
Adds support for loading configuration, services, logging, command line and more via simple and easy to setup assembly attributes
Abusing .net to make it more ruby like!
Evolved toolkit for developing applications faster and with less code. Includes general purpose extension methods, guard clauses, predefined value objects (PasswordHash,Email, Percentage etc) and specialized helper classes for specific tasks.
.NET library for significantly increasing the performance of reflection-based operations
.NET library for reflection-based serialization and deserialization of JSON documents
Helper Classes to supply runtime diagnostic information about calling routines without using Reflection
Automatic dependencies management system which powers Aiursoft
Support for EasyTcp to triggering specific functions with an attribute based on received data. See github for examples.
Utility methods for finding types at runtime.
imbSCI.Core library of imbSCI module (imbVeles framework). Provides attributes for data annotation, data aggregation, reporting, PropertyExpression, type description data (advanced reflection), rich extensions library (data, enum works, input/output, math, DataTable, text manipulation, type works (e...
Class library for performing advanced operations with types, dynamic objects, expressions, and reflection.
A .NET library that provides helpers for using reflection.
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for SQL Server. This uses System.Data.OleDb. For System.Data.SqlClient use the Tortuga.Chain.SqlServer package.
Simple but handful reflection extensions
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for SQL Server. This is a replacement for Tortuga.Chain.SqlServer. It uses Microsoft.Data.SqlClient instead of the legacy System.Data.SqlClient.