Top 20 NuGet reflection Packages

Deep clone or copy any complex object without the hassle of serialization, decoration or custom mappings.
(pronounced dyna-mighty) flexes DLR muscle to do meta-mazing things in .net
Provides useful methods related to reflection.
Provides reflection-related convenience/helper methods.
Reflection Module for KY-Generator Download KY.Generator.CLI to use this module
Provides reflection functionality to search and invoke type members, search types, generate delegates etc.
.NET library that improves your productivity and application performance when performing reflection operations. It allows you to perform metadata lookup and reflection invocation intuitively while achieving greater performance than the built-in .NET Reflection.
Complement for System.Reflection, including an IL disassembler.
This package contains the .NETFramework/.NETCore/.NETStandard reflection information data set for use with the EWSoftware.SHFB package.
Provides class to manage loading assemblies from disk.
Provides useful methods for extracting information from and interacting with assemblies using reflection.
Complement for System.Reflection, including an IL disassembler.
Provides useful methods related to types.
.NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers. Fast, Light, Resilient. Contains ServiceStack's high-performance text-processing powers, for more info see:
KGy SOFT Core Libraries features high-performance and handy general libraries. Many of them aim to replace existing APIs of the original .NET framework with more efficient versions. Among others: - Useful extensions for simple types, collections, and others - High-performance collections - High-per...
Strong-typed static reflection via Reflect: // Void static method MethodInfo cw = Reflect.GetMethod( () => Console.WriteLine); // Instance void method MethodInfo mi = Reflect<IView>.GetMethod(v => v.Show); // Boolean returning instance method MethodInfo pi = Reflect<IViewModel> .GetMethod<b...
Class library that keeps an inventory of types and interfaces available in your code. It also provides a means to access available types given an interface.
基于.net standard的快速反射类
Dotnet core reflection utility
Elementary Compare provides reflection based object comparision algorithms.