Top 20 NuGet random Packages

Random interface implemented with Cryptographically-Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generator. Everywhere you use System.Random, StrongRandom can be used now. Additionally missing boilerplate extensions for any Random: NextBool, NextChar, NextString etc. added. Strongly unit tested.
MoreComplexDataStructures is a class library containing a collection of data structures (plus related utility classes) more complex than those found in the standard .NET framework. The project currently contains the following data structures and utility classes... WeightBalancedTree<T> - A weight-...
A .NET 4.5 library for randomly generating object data.
Calculates Entropy of a message based on Shannon's Entropy.
Easily generate bulk SQL statements for random data
Classes, methods and extension methods dealing with randomness, shuffling, and auxiliary classes and methods. The static class "R" contains static methods "Next", "NextDouble" and "NextFloat" which use an internal static Random instance, and also contains extension methods "Shuffle" (which randomiz...
Thread safe random number generator
SQL Data Random
Contains useful bits to tackle different math problems.
Get a collection of random colors based on RGB
Extensions on the Util .NetFramework
Creates a random string based on a mix of numbers and letters.
Wiesend's Dynamic Link Library is a collection of reusable code that I've written, or found throughout my programming career. It includes code to help with tasks including encryption, file management, compression, serialization, email, image manipulation, SQL, various file formats (CSV, iCal, etc.),...
SiRandomNameGenerator is simple .NET library for generating random slovenian names and last names. Library allows you to generate names or last names as separate strings or as whole human name. Library can also return whole Person object with full range of randomized data (Name, Lastname, Date of bi...
Various methods used in 'Getting started with CS' courses.
Provides extension methods for System.Random for generating more complex data. This includes basic methods like NextBoolean, NextCurrency, NextDateTime, NextDecimal etc. As well as more advanced options like NextEnum, NextListItem, NextParameter. Finally it also contains random ob...
This set of dice follows the Gambler's fallacy. A C# port of
Makes it easy to define stochastic variables which can be measured.
Useful Types: Vector, RandomProvider, BoundedDouble
Dice toolkit for .Net. Construct dice with interesting behaviors.