Top 20 NuGet random Packages

Configuration provider for generating random values
.NET Standard 2.0 Implementation of random asset name generation similar to the way Docker works.
Some helpful extensions for LINQ
NList brings an enormous number of powerful, STL-like algorithms to the .NET platform for processing indexable collections. There is a handlebars.js-like text generator. It has a powerful IComparer builder. There is a DefaultDictionary class. There is a class to convert an object into a dictionary o...
SwissKnife is a RadaCode's collection of C# classes that facilitate the overall development and help with stuff like HTML removal, random name and number generation, etc.
An indiscriminate data generator that will generate random data for all properties in a given class based on the property's type vs. its name. Examples can be found on the wiki:
A library for secure random number generation
Random AlphaNumeric character generator. Can be used to create a variety of random strings using chars [A-Za-z0-9] and a few other special chars.
Library to generate Mock (Dummy) Data. - Country Specific Values: USA, Netherlands, Belgium. - New functionality: SimpleGenerator (Static methods for single fields)
Simple, System.Random replaceable, very-fast xor-shift based random number generator for Portable Class Library.
A .NET library for all things random! Intended for ASP .Net Core projects.
Dtx Library - Useful Library for C# Developers
Provides a thread-safe pseudo-random number generator.
Generate random values for all properties of a C# type
Efuelite Solutions RandomHelper helps to generate random numbers as string used for One time password
Provides a randomizer that is cryptographically secure
A light weight C# extension of random method for all numeric type.
Random bits from Australian National University formatted for .NET programming.
Set of generic arbitraries to help test graphQL queries and mutations.
*For Learinig prps ;)1.Generete random string/integer List for test. 2. Break string in specific chucksize 3.print DataTAble direst