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Dynamic configuration framework useful for micro services architecture
Dynamic configuration framework useful for micro services architecture
BindableProperties is a class library which provides a bindable properties system similar to "Microsoft WPF Dependency Properties" and "Xamarin Bindable Properties" systems. The biggest difference of BindableProperties to those systems is that it does NOT depend on any other 3rd party platform or fr...
Xamarin Yaml Settings
Package Description
Library that provides constructs that enable convenient implementation of Property Notification in objects
Utility library to
A configuration tool, which automatically finds and sets any fields or properties based on provided data. It comes bundled with providers to read and write ini files as well as pair of simple interfaces to let you easily write your own.
This class library (.Net Standard 2.0) provide a C# bindable component that implements the following .NET Framework interfaces: System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged System.ComponentModel.IDataErrorInfo System.ComponentModel.INotifyDataErrorInfo System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations impleme...
This .NET Standard library is a rules engine that allows for evaluating property values of objects for compliance with a set of rules. It was originally designed to run rule checks against various objects in the System.Data namespace. However, it can evaluate properties of any object.
Simpler declaration for WPF Dependency Properties.
Library with most used reactive elements, like property, command and sheduled value checker.
A small netsandard2.0 library that adds generic bindable properties (somewhat inspired by properties from JavaFX).