Top 20 NuGet property Packages

A minimod for converting LINQ MemberExpressions into strings representing the path to the member.
A minimod that provides a base class that implements the INotifyPropertyChanging and INotifyPropertyChanged interfaces
Animate dependency object property very fluently.
Package containing general reusable functionality
Open source, contribute here:
Adds a new datatype called Ubolt.ContentPicker using Umbraco's content picker controller, but adds the option to set a start node, and filter out content types. The packages allso contains a property value converter that converts to IPublishedContent.
This package contains a property editor for umbraco, that lets the editor edit opening hours in a clean a simple manner.
Does property and field mapping between two objects. Can also ignore specified members or map between members with different names. Mapping members can even be returned from delegates.
Extract Specific Contents from an XML using Property Attributes.
C# class to automatically copy properties between objects by creating expression trees to copy the properties, usable in LINQ queries.
Property dependency manager
A .NET library for reading and writing property files.
Sets the value to a property of an object by its path from the root. The object can be a complex object and the property can be multi level deep nested property or it can be a property directly under the root. ObjectWriter will find the property using the property path parameter and update its va...
Copy property values from an object to another with a easy way.
Access deeply nested chains of properties/indexers in a null-safe manner with optional delegate to handle (i.e. log) interrupted chains.
IdeaStudio Core : helpers, method extensions, converters, ...
DynamicPropertyAccessor allows you to set and get property values dynamically without the performance penalty of Reflection. DynamicPropertyAccessor performs around 300 to 400% faster than Reflection (please see performance test at project site).
Simplifies Layered Application Development Contains base classes for Business Layer. A fast and optimized property mapper is included. (eg:- service.GetAll<Person>(person.Age > 25)) A Generic Business Service Interface see
Basic extensions for string, int, Linq, List, Object, Properties, StringBuilder, and Dictionary to simplify routine tasks.
Copying properties