Top 20 NuGet property Packages

Metadata model, parsing, validation and reporting.
Enrich Serilog log events with properties from LogEvent.MessageTemplate.Text
Avalonia.PropertyGenerator generates the appropriate CLR members for Avalonia property definitions.
Common essentials for a WPF MVVM applications.
Font Awesome Links | Icons | buttons property editor for Umbraco.
Integration of Expecto with DiffPlex
Running Hopac jobs from Expecto
Allows to inject properties of classes by using annotations.
A property editor for Umbraco 8 which allows you to select multiple dates in the backoffice.
Another color picker for Umbraco using the spectrum plugin customised to match Umbraco UI.
A Wpf object inspector.
Property testing for Expecto, powered by FsCheck
Allows to quickly add auto-properties with a pre-defined behaviour to your EPiServer page type.
Provides a vastly accelerate runtime property implementation that can be applied even to closed-source classes
JavaScript/TypeScript library for declaring reactive properties.
ExpressionDelegates is a tool which generates delegates to properties, fields, methods and constructors used in linq expression trees. This package contains only the base classes required for expression delegates' usage. It should be used in projects that do not contain any linq expressions to gene...
Awesome Property Extractor, (APE), is a framework for extracting property values in a generic and simple way, primarily from umbraco and affiliated libraries.
QtPropertyObserver is library for .NET WPF. This Library can help the properties setter auto complete NofityPropertyChanged. Get more help on sample code. Supported Platform: .Net Framework 4+ 让Property的setter自动调用PropertyChanged方法,避免写一个私有变量,再写一个属性,主要用于WPF程序。使用说明请参阅sample。 支持的平台: .Net Framework 4+