Top 20 NuGet property Packages

A library containing a Property class that supports bindings, mapping bindings, readonly views and notifications via INotifyPropertyChanged.
Persimmon.Dried is a random testing library for Persimmon.
Persimmon.Dried.Ext is Persimmon.Dried extensions for C#.
Knockout for Cocoa, for C#
MIT licensed C#/.NET parser and writer for Apple and GnuStep Property Lists, supporting ASCII, Binary and Xml formats, based on Java's dd-plist.
A property editor for Umbraco which looks like the media picker, but lets you search for animated gifs, powered by the Giphy api.
An object model for the Acord - Property 1.16.0 standard providing strongly typed classes that can be serialized/deserializsed to XML.
Basic Google Maps with autocomplete property editor for Umbraco 8+. This package contains the Core DLL only.
Package Description
Library of reflection related functionality and extension methods.
A dotnet tool that displays project properties.
A library to make common string functions easier, such as trimming, wrapping, pluralizing, and much more.
Package Description
Revolutionize your MVVM. Compose and connect properties, reuse property patterns, and make your presentation logic code concise, predictable, and less error-prone. Make your async VMs portable.
C# Property Mapper that utilizes attributes in order to perform the mapping. While I personally love auto mappers, I don't like being forced to configure one type to another. In the end, I am just mapping one set of properties to another set of properties. All I care about is that the names match ...
A property convention which sets column
Persimmon.Dried.Gen provide value generator for property based testing.
A string library that includes common string extensions, improvements to Trim, such as middle trim with TrimAll, etc.
Provides base classess for EPiServer properties and set of utility classes.