Top 20 NuGet programming Packages

Free version of the PostSharp library based on MrAdvice
An interpreting engine for the W programming language.
The package is a collection of libraries that can be used for literate programming with F# (great for building documentation) and for generating library documentation from inline code comments. The key componments are Markdown parser, tools for formatting F# code snippets, includin...
A functional approach to returning a guaranteed result and avoiding null reference checks in a strongly-typed way.
F# wrapper over MongoDB.Driver
Bunch of serializers of F# types to MongoDB
Clean Code Provides AOP Implementation for cross cutting concerns including Logging Request, Logging Response Monitoring Time, Caching, Validation
.NET Core compatible version of the fsharp core library FSharp.Core.dll Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (netstandard1.6)
Minimal, lock-free, IAsyncResult implementation for .NET 4.x
TCP/IP Communication Framework (TCP/IP CF) is a library that wraps the .NET Socket class and defines several classes for developing communication applications that use TCP/IP. TCP/IP CF defines asynchronous operations and is designed to be used in small applications that communicate with a few d...
Concept of Component Framework
LINQ query operators inspired by Scala
A pattern matching library in C#
A small functional programming language for .NET. Its syntax is based on Python but whitespaces are ignored. Everything is an expression. The language runtime is embeddable, its AST is accesible and it compiles to portable pcode. There's an REPL you can play with and the project includes lots of un...
Set of railway-oriented C# extension methods which could be used as building blocks for data-flow style applications.
Attributes for AOP, when used with the IronRebuilder.MsBuild (or another rebuilder built with IronRebuilderServices, like IronRebuilder), see for more
An executable to replace IronRebuilderAtribute's attributes, see for more
NCop is a Composite-aspect oriented framework for .NET