Top 20 NuGet programming Packages

SDK for developing Diiagramr node libraries.
Gene Expression Programming
Linear Genetic Programming
Nitra compiler macro library for Nemerle compiler.
A package to integrate with RoboDK simulation software for industrial robots. Integrate any application with RoboDK's 3D simulation environment. Program any industrial robot arm using the same development environment.
Set of generic arbitraries to help test graphQL queries and mutations.
Implementation of an OptionType in GraphQL.
Biblioteka testów dla przedmiotu Programowanie Komponentowe
A library (.dll) of various linear, nonlinear, and stochastic numerical optimization techniques. While some of these are older than 40 years, many have yet to take advantage of an object-oriented programming model. This toolbox was originally created to aid in the automated design of various enginee...
A service to replace IronRebuilderAtribute's attributes, see for more
Optimization and Machine Learning algorithm based on Linear Genetic Programming
.NET Core compatible version of the fsharp core library FSharp.Core.dll Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (netstandard1.6)
dotnet fsi global command for FSharp 4.1
Precompiled IronPython.StdLib.
Implementation of option type holding a value or representing a none.
Validate implementation of PipeBase. Overrides the default Option implementation (see: for default piping.
.NET Core compatible version of the fsharp compiler fsc.exe. Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (.netstandard1.6)
Minimal, lock-free, IAsyncResult implementation for .NET 4.x
TCP/IP Communication Framework (TCP/IP CF) is a library that wraps the .NET Socket class and defines several classes for developing communication applications that use TCP/IP. TCP/IP CF defines asynchronous operations and is designed to be used in small applications that communicate with a few d...
Concept of Component Framework