Top 20 NuGet policy Packages

Adds the Referrer-Policy header to all responses.
Apply declarative RETRY behavior to any arbitrary method invocation.
ASP.NET Core MVC Tag Helpers for Authorization. Easily render blocks of HTML only for those users who are authorized based on ASP.NET Core Roles and/or Policies
Validate if a list of container images against a policy
Provides Microsoft Azure Guest Configuration management operations including the ability to create, update and get guest configuration assignments, compliance statuses, guest configuration assignment reports.
Microsoft Information Protection SDK: Policy API for C++ Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) is the unification of Microsoft's classification, labeling, and protection services into a single administration experience and software development kit (SDK). Unified administration is provided ...
A package, which includes helpful auxiliary methods. With this package, software development is faster. Features: - Extensions - Helpers - Filters * AjaxOnlyAttribute * ContentTypeFilterAttribute * GlobalizationFilterAttribute * PasswordValidatorAttribute * PreventDuplicateReque...
Policy based authorization to Asp.Net, WebApi
Policy based authorization to Asp.Net, Mvc
Policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4.
A package, which includes helpful auxiliary methods.
A modular, composable policy engine for easy implementation of complex conditional processing pipelines.