Top 20 NuGet policy Packages

This package contains the SharePoint Client Side Object Model libraries for 2013 (on-premises)
A collection of reusable abstractions for .NET application developer: caching, IoC, pagination, repository, application services, unit of work, background processing, exception trace policy, work item, etc.
Security Headers Samples - for ASP.Net Core. Several samples of CspFrames to target resource sources.
Build up Security Headers in a (semi) modular way. To use in an ASP.Net Core web project. In startup.cs - add the following private members to the startup class private SecurityHeaders _securityHeaders { get; set; } private List<CspFrame> _cspFrames { get; set; } And the following t...
Package Description
Apply declarative RETRY behavior to any arbitrary method invocation.
Validate if a list of container images against a policy