Top 20 NuGet payments Packages

Braintree Client Library SDK for .NET
Client for the GoCardless API - a powerful, simple solution for the collection of recurring bank-to-bank payments
Use this SDK to integrate with the Authorize.Net APIs for Payment Transactions, Recurring Billing, Customer Payment Profiles and Reporting.
This is the .Net SDK for Transbank Integration.
CodeMash tools for .NET developers. Access tools from .NET Core
A fully-asynchronous client for the GoCardless API that aims to improve upon the developer experience of the official GoCardless client.
.NET implementation of FIS eCommerce XML spec
A .NET 6 wrapper for the Telegram Bot API 6.2
CM Payments Software Development Kit
Integrate Telegram.Bots Serializer with ASP.NET Core
Integrate Long Polling with Telegram.Bots
For merchants who have built their app on Xamarin platform - Paytm provides a NuGet package for you to conveniently integrate All-in-One SDK.
Pinch.SDK is a .NET Standard library for integrating with the Pinch Payments API. Create payers, add payments, receive webhooks, fetch payments, get paid. For more info check out:
Реализация VK Donuts App API для .NET. Подробнее на сайте проекта
Fork of the PayNL SDK to support 2020+ (.NET Standard 2) Extension for Microsoft Configuration and Dependency Injection
Klarna integration API for .NET
SDK for Klarna Checkout v3 and Order Management v1 APIs
.NET SDK library for Klarna Services