Top 20 NuGet mongodb Packages

An "Entity Framework"-like interface for the MongoDB C# Driver
Documentation about how to use will be published soon. Please check it out on my blog at or
CSharp migrations tool for MongoDb
MongoDB appender for log4net
Mdbc is the PowerShell module based on the official MongoDB C# driver. Mdbc makes MongoDB data and operations PowerShell friendly.
A MongoDB-based implementation of the NoSQL abstraction layer
An adapter aimed at using MongoDB with Teclyn.
Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
apteryx QQ:82121500
Tired of MongoDb nugets promising the world, but havn't been updated in years? Here is a very simple context/repository MongoDb wrapper for the MongoDb Driver, dives you as simple operations as possible
This package can help you during when you are using MongoDB. In this version you can do a mimal CRUD version
Package Description
Package Description
SMABackup is a library to backup specified user defined databases and sources to specified user defined destinations automatically. SMABackup.Service is a worker service implemented based on SMABackup feeds a schedule config file and backups automatically in scheduled times. The repository url: http...
Added field "value" for custom user values.
Repository and Entity Base for MongoDB Applications Caching, standardized Methods, Easy Entity Access and Manipulation
This package allows to store session data in MongoDB Replica Set. This data server distribution provides high availability for your web app and the possibility to distribute session data in a different servers and locations. If primary server fails, the application will still alive during the usual ...
provide a facility to execute a container on a dev machine and get open ports
BeatPulse.MongoDb is the health check package for MongoDb on BeatPulse
A MongoDB provider for ASP.NET Core 2 Identity framework, with RoleClaim support.