Top 20 NuGet mongodb Packages

The MongoDB Abstracts library defines abstract base classes for repository pattern.
(Unofficial) Signed GridFS Component of the Official MongoDB .NET Driver. The containing assembly was generated by signing the officially published MongoDB.Driver.GridFS.dll.
Implementação da interface Codout.Framework.DAL para MongoDB
A MongoDB provider for ASP.NET Core 2 Identity framework. Upgrade to netcore2
Add MongoDB container specific functionality.
Persistence framework and mocking
Audit logging functionality for .net core web application
Repository pattern implementation of MongoDB GridFS in .NET Framework
Data transformation and anaytics library - GitHub Connection and reader.
Tired of MongoDb nugets promising the world, but havn't been updated in years? Here is a very simple context/repository MongoDb wrapper for the MongoDb Driver, dives you as simple operations as possible
Simply a bunch of extension methods that might help any developer
Straightforward, generic, extensible CRUD repository for MongoDB
Package Description
Finbuckle.MultiTenant integration with MongoFramework providing tenant store and data isolation
Persistence layer implementation for use of MongoDB in APIs using JsonApiDotNetCore.
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Rate limiter that allows you to add request throttling for service protection and daily/hourly limit for your application Donate via Paypal:
MongoDB Persistence for NServiceBus.
Light abstraction on top of MongoDB to provide basic message queue functionality (with legacy MongoDB driver).