Top 20 NuGet mongodb Packages

A full-featured starter template for "dotnet new" to quickly scaffold a .Net 6 Web-Api project with MongoDB as the data store.
Repository pattern implementation of MongoDB in .NET Framework
The consolidation NuGet of multiple nugets, all aimed at making some QoL improvements, like .Batch() for IEnumerable Linq and an IOC json "dbcontext" and generic repository
Paquete de acceso a datos en colecciones MongoDb
Implementation for persistence using MongoDB
.NET Standard library for MongoDB entities
Utilities for managing access to a Database
Added Unix Domain Socket support to Official MongoDB .NET Driver
Package Description
Package Description
.Net Core Identity providers for MongoFramework
This package contains MongoDb extensions used by other CodeGator packages. Platforms supported: .NET 6.x or above
Mongolia Poggers
A MongoDb UserStore and RoleStore adapter for Microsoft.Extensions.Identity.Core 3.1.
The unified data-management library for JavaScript/HTML5
MongoDB Wrapper for Elmah using the Mongo 2.1 .NET Driver (Forked from CaptainCodeman's version which only works with legacy driver)
A MongoDB powered event store for MementoFX
Durable and reliable long running and background jobs processing. Features: Detailed progress tracking. Stop, reset, and restart jobs. Scale out with multiple Shift servers. Encryption for serialized data. Run in most .NET apps, Windows services, Azure WebJobs. Auto removal of completed jobs. Can us...
Includes all Log4Net methods with MongoDbAppender configuration for creating application logs for multiple applications and environments.
Utilities library built on the top of native MongoDb driver.