Top 20 NuGet middleware Packages

WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore3 contains one ASP.NET Core 3.1+ Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore2 contains one ASP.NET Core 2.X Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
ImageSharp Middleware for serving images via a url based API.
Dependency injection extensions for Correlate.
ASP.NET Core middleware component to correlate requests between microservices using correlation ID request headers.
Correlate requests between microservices using a correlation ID.
Provides abtractions to correlate requests between microservices.
Middleware for ASP.NET Core to automatically add security headers to requests.
Enable SAML v2.0 identity provider (IdP) and service provider (SP) single sign-on (SSO) in ASP.NET Core applications. Includes SAML authentication middleware support. Example ASP.NET Core projects are available that demonstrate the simple to use SAML API and accompanying SAML configuration. Compre...
App Metrics Health ASP.NET Core core components.
GraphQL middleware using Newtonsoft.Json for serialization
App Metrics ASP.NET Core Health provides health checking capabilities to web applications and allows you to expose health check results over HTTP.
Provides ASP.NET Core middleware, MVC filters, extension methods and helper code for an ASP.NET Core project.
Error handling middleware, using RFC7807
A simple yet customizable HTTP response wrapper and exception handler for ASP.NET Core 5 APIs.
HTTP middleware for GraphQL
This middleware uses Cognitive Services Check to automatically correct inbound message text.
The server module for a simple websocket server and client implementation with authentication.
IBM® MQ classes for .NET Standard
GraphQL middleware using System.Text.Json for serialization