Top 20 NuGet middleware Packages

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Fast and configurable reverse proxy middleware for ASP.NET Core.
1、控制器扩展、过滤器、中间件、自定义API返回值 2、配置文件放在config底下 3、已加入配置 framework.json、app.json、business.json、db.provider.json、proxy.reflection.json、hosting.json 4、.nercore升级到2.2 2、添加hosting.json配置 5、ConfigureServicesExtension.cs添加代理服务器,StartUp使用 services.AddPFServices(this.Configuration); 6、proxy.reflection.json 添加...
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Health-check middleware for ASP.NET Core applications. The endpoint reports the state of the probes created by Greentube.Monitoring packages like Redis, MongoDB, SQL Server, HTTP calls (i.e: REST services) and more.
A small package to allow decompress incoming request and compress outgoing response inside ASP.NET Core application.
A middleware that allows whitelist or blacklist incomming requests based on IP address. It can be configured using single IP address or ranges. It supports single IP, IP range IPv4 and IPv6. There is also possible to ignore specific paths from IP filtering.
Graceterm middleware provides implementation to ensure graceful shutdown of AspNet Core applications. The basic concept is: After aplication received a SIGTERM (a signal asking it to terminate), Graceterm will hold it alive till all pending requests are completed or a timeout ocurr.
This package contains an OWIN middleware to validate signed http requests with the Medidata MAuth protocol. The middleware communicates with an MAuth server in order to confirm the validity of the request authentication header. Include this package in your OWIN-enabled web api if you want to authent...
User interface for managing groups, roles and permissions for the Owin Framework authorization middleware
Owin Framework authorization middleware that checks if the identity making the request has permission to do so and returns a 403 response if it does not
Data access layer for the Owin Framework authorization middleware that uses the Prius ORM
Blazor Realm middleware for connecting to Redux dev tools browser extension.
ASP.NET Core unit of work middlewares for CoreDdd library
Contains shared dll's and extinsions for comman Asp.Net Core programming and data operations.
TagHelpers for SRI, reffers, OpenGraph and Twitter
Shared dlls form common core mvc tasks
ASP.NET MVC and WebForm Middleware for (.NET Framework 4.0+). github: related blog posts:
Version middleware for ASP.NET Core 2, allows exposing version information via an endpoint.
Serve static files from node_modules in ASP.NET Core