Top 20 NuGet memory Packages

🧬 One-touch unmanaged memory, libraries, executable modules, runtime dynamic use of the unmanaged native C/C++ in .NET world, related P/Invoke features, and ... Even accessing to complex types like structures without their declaration at all. ## Why Conari ? It was des...
Kronos - the cache platform
Genuine Channels is a high-end transport environment accessible through .NET Remoting and Direct eXchange Manager (DXM) API. Besides offering steady connections in any environment thanks to configurable reconnect feature, Genuine Channels support communication with clients located behind firewalls, ...
NFX Erlang Package NFX UNISTACK includes: Application Container + Dependency Injection facilities Configuration engine BigMemory: Local/Distributed piles/heaps, ability to store hundreds of millions of objects resident in memory for long times without killing GC Big...
Memory FS (memory-fs) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
DocumentDB Adaptor For LitterBox Caching
Flexible memory cache with backing cache of files, SQLite, or SQL Server. Compatible with .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard. Ready for your Xamarin or Internet of Things project.
A Process Memory reader and writer for .NET
Easy way to read and write memory for external apps and games
The dotMemory console tool lets you start a profiling session and get memory snapshots from the command line. This can be helpful in various scenarios, like: * profiling an application on a remote server, * automating the process of gathering memory snapshots, for example, as a part of you...
Library made to easily interact with local or remote process (memory, thread etc...)
Process.NET is a C# class library to interact with processes. Please see the project page for more details.
Read, Write and AoB scan for process memorys
Adds support to the Provision package for using Redis as cache backend.
Final Fantasy XIV Memory Reading
A fast and efficient implementation of a MemoryPool.