Top 20 NuGet memory Packages

.NET library extending span data reading and writing functionality.
TI MSP430 Bootloader (BSL) Cross-Platform Toolchain. The cheapest way to flash MSP430, with FTDI/Serial/UART converters. Intel-HEX, TI-TXT, ELF, SREC support. Dont use AnyCPU!
A dapper extension library. Support MySQL,SQL Server,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Oracle and ODBC, Support cache.
Ultra Distributed Shared Memory
Ultra Distributed Shared Memory
WIP C# serialization library with ultra-fast type-semantic free versioning that allows for deterministic and non-deterministic deserialization paths. The versioning is completely optional, with planned optional backwards compatibility too. Currently the only constructable types are records. St...
Extension package for the LazyCacheHelpers Library to provide easy to use helpers to read cache configuration values from App.Config or Web.config files using System.Configuration; making things like enabling/disabling and dynamic fallback from specialized to generalized config values much easier to...
MemorySharp is a C# based memory editing library targeting Windows applications, offering various functions to extract and inject data and codes into remote processes to allow interoperability.
An easy-to-use and fast caching framework for .NET with support for many storage systems: * Redis * System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache * Portable Memory Cache for use with Windows Store, Windows Phone 8, Xamarin apps NOTE: Provision requires a provider to work, please download one of the Provision...
Adds support to the Provision package for configuration using app.config and web.config files.
Adds support to the Provision package for using System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache as cache backend.
Adds support to the Provision package for using a portable thread-safe collection as cache backend.
A higher-level interface for LocalDb
Provides base class functionality that serves as a thread-safe in-memory data store implementation. Use this to create fake data proxies for state-based unit testing or to quickly develop peasy service classes.
Adds configuration provider which reads and writes into memory. Usually used when creating applications inside tests.
A Virtual File System implementation for .Net, including an in-memory file system.
Reposify in-memory implementation for testing.
Reposify NHibernate implementation.