NuGet Package [ Conari ] platform for unmanaged memory, pe-modules, PInvoke and more

🧬 Conari engine represents powerful platform for work with unmanaged memory, pe-modules, related PInvoke features,
and more for: Libraries, Executable Modules, enjoying of the unmanaged native C/C++ in .NET world, and other raw binary data.
Even accessing to complex types like structures without their declaration at all.

## Why Conari ?

It was designed to be loyal to your needs on the fly.

🔍 Easy to start:

using(var l = new ConariL("...")) {
// ...

🚀 Awesome speed:

test of regXwild's algorithms [[340x10000 Unicode](]

🔨 Its amazing DLR features:

using(dynamic l = new ConariX("..."))
// just everything is yours ~
l.curl_easy_setopt(curl, 10002, "");

🔧 Raw accessibility to any binary data in unmanaged memory:

ptr.Native().align<int>(2, "x", "y")

🏄 Most powerful PInvoke and even most convenient use of WinAPI.

Our recipe is simple: *Just use it!*

dynamic user32 = new User32();

user32.ShowWindow(0x000A0A28, 3);
user32.MessageBoxA(0, "Conari in action", "Hello!", 0);

dynamic kernel32 = new Kernel32();


**Important note:** Conari does not provide anything from above. It will just generate and adapt everything at runtime. Specially for you!

🔖 Modern **.NET Core**

Conari is ready for .NET Core starting from 1.4.

But we have even more, again.
Conari also provides support for [ .NET Standard 2.0 ] layer which does not cover unmanaged EmitCalli due to missed implementation for System.Private.CoreLib.

🍰 MIT License! Enjoy.


And more:

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gnt /p:ngpackages="Conari/1.4.0"

Build info:

S_NUM: 1.4.0
S_REV: 48437
bSha1: c4e75ee
bName: master
bRevc: 62
Configuration: PublicRelease
Platforms: net40;net472;netstandard2.0;netcoreapp2.1;netstandard2.1
revDeltaBase: 2017/01/01
revDeltaMin: 1000
revDeltaMax: 65534

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Version: 1.4.0
Last Update: Saturday, November 30, 2019
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Install-Package Conari
dotnet add package Conari
paket add Conari
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