Top 20 NuGet memory Packages

A .NET library to parse an Intel HEX file and emit a representative memory representation.
A dapper extension library. Support MySQL,SQL Server,PostgreSQL,SQLite and ODBC, Support cache.
A dapper extension library. Support MySQL,SQL Server,PostgreSQL,SQLite and ODBC, Support cache.
When you request buffer of size N from `System.Buffers.MemoryPool<T>` returns `IMemoryOwner<T>` which can hold `Memory<T>` at least N elements. That proves to be a problem in some scenarios like passing serialized data back to your users. You need to pass them one more field: actual length of data. ...
This package is an implementation of Hierarchical Temporal Memory Cortical Learning Algorithm (HTM CLA) in C#/.NET Core. It includes the Spatial Pooler, Temporal Memory, various encoders and Cortical Network algorithms. Implementation of this library aligns to existing Python and JAVA implementation...
Types for reading and writing Span/Memory buffers.
Clinia CQRS Memory Cache Provider
Adds features to Microsoft.Extensions.Caching such as partitioning and eviction.
RAMCache a simple cache in-memory for .Net
DragonHoard's fast in memory cache.
Cross platform memory health check
NFX CORE Package NFX UNISTACK includes: Application Container + Dependency Injection facilities Configuration engine BigMemory: Local/Distributed piles/heaps, ability to store hundreds of millions of objects resident in memory for long times without killing GC BigMemory Cache - sto...
Gathers machine memory information.
Indexed collection like usual List<T>, but with less allocations. Enables reusing instances of inner array via ArrayPool<T>.Shared. Provides ToRist() extension method which perfectly replaces conventional ToList() for materializing LINQ queries. MoveToArray() method releases ownership of internal bu...
Memory Adaptor For LitterBox Caching
Distributed caching library for IdentityServer4 using a distributed redis-cache.
This client library provides capabilities to add cache in memory for data, it is a thread safe. Auto Refresh all data with single calls. Each key can get value from any data source configured. Provides time stamp when value has been changed for each key. E.g. Get set of data ...
The SharedMemory library provides a set of C# classes that utilise a memory-mapped file for fast low-level inter-process communication (IPC) - specifically for sharing data between processes. It features: * a lock-free FIFO circular buffer * a simple fixed-size generic shared memory array class ...
In-process memory sessions for NancyFx.