Top 20 NuGet ios Packages

Xamarin.Forms plugin to add cross-platform bindable tab (tabbar) badge functionality. Read the full documentation on the project page.
Zebble framework for cross platform Xamarin-based solutions.
MvvmCross is the .NET MVVM framework for cross-platform solutions, including Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, Xamarin Forms, Windows and Mac. This package contains MvvmCross to use with Xamarin.Forms
Simple, cross-platform chart library.
Syncfusion licensing is a .NET library for validating the registered Syncfusion license in an application at runtime. The Syncfusion license must be registered in an application when using the Syncfusion evaluation build or NuGet package assemblies. Documentation:
Produces from NuGet packages or reference assemblies System.Reactive Observables for all events within the specified target.
Real user monitoring for your Xamarin app.
Xamarin Helper library to get the name and chip type of the current iOS device.
Add as many custom shadows as you like to any Xamarin.Forms view (Android, iOS, UWP, Tizen). * You can specify each shadow Color, Opacity, Blur, and Offset * You can add one shadow, 3 shadows, 99 shadows, to any Xamarin.Forms element * Implement easily Neumorphism * Animate any of these property an...
MvvmCross is the .NET MVVM framework for cross-platform solutions, including Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, Xamarin Forms, Windows and Mac. This package contains AndroidX RecyclerView support for MvvmCross.
Simple.OData.Client is a multiplatform OData client library supporting .NET 4.x, .NET Standard, .NET Core, iOS and Android. The adapter provides a great alternative to WCF Data Services client. It does not require generation of context or entity classes and fits RESTful nature of OData services. ...
This is the Branch Xamarin SDK for Android, iOS and Forms applications.
The Syncfusion Range Slider for Xamarin.Forms allows you to select a range of values within the specified minimum and maximum limits. Key features: • Range: Set start and end values of a range. • Ticks placement: Determine the placement in which tick marks should be drawn. • Tick frequency: Calcula...
The Syncfusion Numeric Text Box for Xamarin.Forms restricts input of numeric values. It also provides support for culture-based formatting. Key features: • FormatString: Input string can be formatted by using format strings. • Culture: Number format can be localized to any specific culture. • Allow...
The Syncfusion Busy Indicator for Xamarin.Forms control provides over 10 built-in animations that can be displayed within the application. It is used to indicate busy status during app loading, data processing, and more. Key features: • Option available to enable/disable animation. • Display custom...
Ready to use Input componenets such as Checkbox, RadioButton, Dropdown, AdvancedEntry, Advanced Slider etc.
Aspose.Email for .NET is an Email Processing API that allows the developers to work with email formats, protocols and services without using Microsoft Outlook® or Office Automation.
Avalonia is a WPF/UWP-inspired cross-platform XAML-based UI framework providing a flexible styling system and supporting a wide range of Operating Systems such as Windows (.NET Framework, .NET Core), Linux (via Xorg), MacOS and with experimental support for Android and iOS.
This package contains the OPC UA reference implementation and is targeting the .NET Standard Library.
The Syncfusion Xamarin.Forms PDF viewer( platform allows you to view and review the PDF documents within your Xamarin applications. Key features: • High perfor...