Top 20 NuGet inversionofcontrol Packages

Contracts for IoC container
Provides ability to expose or consume components from another AppDomain using .NET Remoting.
Castle Windsor integration package for logging facility via log4net.
Castle Windsor integration package for logging facility via NLog.
Boxes.Windsor integrates the powerful Castle.Windsor with Boxes.Core to provide a solution for developing compositional applications.
Boxes.Integration utilises Boxes.Core to provide an API to integrate with an IoC container.
Whatever the framework, component composition works the same way: you have interfaces and concrete implementations and you need to map one against the other. The Endjin Composition Framework helps you work smarter, not harder by making component composition simple. This framework supports .NET 4.0, ...
Autofac dependencies loader (by configuration)
Library with utility classes for Microsoft Dependency Injection.
Simple way to auto-register interfaces to their implementations with core default dependency injection.
Dependency injection library for .NET applications.
Assign Ninject to the BoC IOC abstraction layer
Assign SimpleInjector to the BoC IOC abstraction layer
Utility classes to make registration across multiple projects easier. UnityContainer Specific.
Allows you to use Autofac together with the inversion of control features in Sogeti.Pattern.
Classes making it easier to work with MVC3 such as a more flexible error handler filter.
MvcBlanket integration to Castle Windsor
Validation Classes using Castle Windsor
A simple Inversion of Control library for performing service location and dependency injection.
Thin Di Abstraction implemented with Ninject