Top 20 NuGet gps Packages

This is a Nominatim project .NET wrapper. It helps to find location of an address and find a place of an input coordinate. Visit to get more detail.
An abstraction layer for the Google Play Services FusedLocationProviderClient API to expose various easy to use methods to get device location and initiate relevant permissions requests
Android Library to Get best available location from Android Location Providers
NuGet package for Heliosky GPS
Easily get you GPS based location from Android Devices
A Content App for Umbraco which lets you see the meta data of your file such as GPS and Camera details.
Parser for NMEA messages. Currently parses GSV, GGA, GSA, GLL, GMC, VTG and TXT
Epicycle .NET geodesy library. Includes: TODO * Details & release notes: * Sources: * Git repository:
Extension methods to the BasicGeoposition struct for Geodesy calculations.
A library to build up iOS applications. It lets .NET developers build rich, beautiful maps to their iOS applications in a minute. It contains full function of SlimGIS MapKit Core which comes with Geometry, GeoFunction, Symbology, Renderer, DataSource, Layer and more. And brings your application to ...
Cross platform library to get current location and to continuesly listen to location
LocationProvider is a tiny library that abstracts away a lot of the pain of getting a users location from the phone (without having to call location APIs), provides a fully configurable standard Builder pattern and a set of callbacks.
Class library containing administrative divisions and GPS coordinate processing
Garmin Connect Client for .NET
Fused Location Api for GeolocatorPlugin This is a Xamarin Android library with a secondary implementation of IGeolocator using the FusedLocationProviderApi.
A UWP library for controlling ublox GPS modules using the UBX protocol.
Reads a stream of NMEA sentences parsing it into NMEA objects
F# (FSharp) based Windows Phone 7.5 software to answer the simple question: Where am I?
GPS Library for .Net. This is a fork of with some of bugs fixed.
FlowMapLib is mock lib for map utility.