Top 20 NuGet gps Packages

Shiny Locations Sync - Uses best pratices to help sync location data to your server
Shiny Data Sync - Uses best pratices to help push data to your server
Shiny Integration - ReactiveUI
Shiny Integration - SQLite Plugins for Cache, Logging, Service Repo Layers, and Settings
Shiny Integration - Xamarin Essentials - replaces a lot of the Shiny guts with the Essentials, but with all of the DI goodness
Shiny Sensor Abstractions
Shiny Notification Abstractions
Shiny Locations Abstractions
Shiny BluetoothLE Client Abstractions
Shiny Beacon Abstractions
Implements a few methods of stabilization and filtration of GPS tracks.
Shiny BluetoothLE Hosting Abstractions
Shiny Integration - Prism
Shiny Integration - MvvmCross
Shiny Integration - LiteDB
Shiny Integration - System.Text.Json Serializer
Shiny Integration - JSON.NET Serialization
Driver for MediaTek MT3339 GNSS chip. Also for AdaFruit Ultimate GPS breakouts.
Premium data set for generating map data. Mapping locations, point of interests, and GPS data for your applications, UIs and databases.
Shiny Push Abstractions