Top 20 NuGet gps Packages

Shiny Trip Tracker
Driver for AdaFruit GPSWing Featherwing
Shiny Media Gallery Sync
Shiny Beacon Advertising - To your device into a BLE beacon!
Shiny UWP Support Library
Please upgrade to version 12 (Search ThinkGeo.Core on NuGet) if possible. Version 12 works with both .NET Framework and .NET Core, has much less dependencies and many other benifits over 10.0. GpxLayer is included in the main package ThinkGeo.Core in Version 12. ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Layers.Gpx i...
Provides GPS location services for Crosslight development.
An NMEA stream parser for serial port, bluetooth and file-based nmea simulation.
A collection of mathematical function and data structures written in C#. Numerical comparison, vector geometry, polynomial, root solver, statistics, GPS and clustering, and abstract bitmap and draw functions.
Shiny addon for VPN functionality (not officially supported yet)
CrossPlatformLibrary.Geolocation is a plug-in for geo information handling. It enables cross-platform GPS functionality.
Automile offers a simple, smart, cutting-edge telematics solution for businesses to track and manage their business vehicles. This library helps .NET developers to easily access the Automile REST API. Targets .NET 4.5.
Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit is a set of useful and powerful items that will help you build your Windows Phone applications. This is the Location component, and will require the ID_CAP_LOCATION capability in your application.
Geo based extensions to the units modeling library. Includes latitude, longitude, and the like. NMEA parsing for GPS and LASERS.
Client library for interacting with SureCam's VTS API.
A library to build up the infrastructure of the entire MapKit product line. It lets .NET developers add spatial data analysis, map rendering, spatial functions, projections and more. And also supports developing and running on Linux with Mono or .NET Core with the same core features. * Important No...
A library to build up Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. It lets .NET developers build rich, beautiful maps to their Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications in a minute. It contains full function of SlimGIS MapKit Core which comes with Geometry, GeoFunction, Symbology, Re...