Top 20 NuGet gps Packages

The Shiny containing all of the major functionality like hosting, logging, connectivity, environment, IO, power, settings, application state monitoring, and jobs as well as many other utilities
Shiny addon for all your notification needs
Shiny Locations - bringing geofencing and GPS to a background service near you!
Shiny Reactive BluetoothLE Plugin for client/central operations
Shiny mocks to make your unit testing life easier
Shiny Beacons - for those Shiny BLE things you see everywhere
Shiny addon for all your push notification needs
Shiny Push Integration - Firebase Messaging
Shiny Push Integration - Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs
Shiny Integration - Microsoft AppCenter Logging
Shiny BluetoothLE Hosting - Advertising and GATT server functionality
Shiny BluetoothLE - Common components for Hosting and Client
Premium data set for generating map data. Mapping locations, point of interests, and GPS data for your applications, UIs and databases.
Shiny addon for speech recognition on mobile platforms
Shiny addon for all imaginable sensors for your devices
Shiny addon for adding upload and download management to your app (with metrics!)
Shiny Integration - SQLite Plugins for Cache, Logging, Service Repo Layers, and Settings
Shiny Near Field Communication (NFC)
Driver for MediaTek MT3339 GNSS chip. Also for AdaFruit Ultimate GPS breakouts.
Driver for AdaFruit GPSWing Featherwing