Top 20 NuGet generic Packages

NRepository.Core is a generic repository library with a strong focus on CQRS.
Transacribed from JAVA version on
AutoClutch.AutoRepo is a simple generic repository for Entity Framework 6 that can be used to save you coding time when creating a data layer.
A Type extension which allows the invocation of a generic method specifying the generic type at runtime. eg. If a method's signature is: void MyMethod<T>() you can use InvokeGenericMethod(instance, runtimeType, "MyMethod") to invoke it with any type.
FsAlg is a linear algebra library that supports generic types. It is implemented in the F# language. The library provides generic Vector and Matrix types that support most of the commonly used linear algebra operations, including matrix–vector operations, matrix inverse, determinants, eigenvalues, ...
This package lets you use regular arithmetic operators on enumerables. It also provides convenient extension methods for System.Math and System.Numerics.Complex methods.
A .NET library for handling command-line arguments like a boss.
Generic Repository and UnitOfWork Pattern implementation with base classes for Entity Framework mvc grid extension based on jquery datatables
Typed XAML adds advanced generics support to WPF and Windows 10 apps. Find us on GitHub at
Generic ASP.NET MVC 5 Repository
A simple lightweight proxy for interfaces and classes
NetClient is library containing the abstractions and fundamental types to support a generic and asynchronous service API client.
A library of extensions for Windows forms data grid views.
Generically Typed Repository Class for EF Core models
Common code used on many company's projects
Enhancement for Grid.Mvc and Grid.MvcRedux. WithGridItemsCount and WithAggregateOnFooter(Sum,Avg)
Rapid Framework to create C# WinFrom application with EF6 and Metroframework UI