Top 20 NuGet generic Packages

Offering you a complete abstraction of the UnitOfWork-Pattern & Repository pattern with the basic CRUD-Operations, the Repository Pattern and extended functions like CustomRepositores all in one small lib. Made for the Entity Framework Core.
Generic implementation of popular Design Patterns usable in .net project
Dependency-free .NET library for Xbox, Playstation, and Generic gaming controllers
generic method for database first project and Crud
This package contains entity framework core base entity type configuration for MsSql, MySql, PostgreSql.
Generic Repository and UnitOfWork Pattern implementation with base classes for Entity Framework
Generic Repository Pattern implementation with base classes for RavenDb
Common logic for a generic way of accessing settings regardless of the platform and settings source that is being used
Mapper object - object. This library is for framework 4.5 and higher it
Mapper object - object. This library is for framework 4.0.
Provides generic pointer operations for all of .NET, building on the capabilities provided by FSharp.NativeInterop.NativePtr, which this package extends with features like 64-bit capabilities, exposed in an OOP-friendly manner as NativePtr<T> and extension methods to System.IntPtr. NativeArray, an...
WebApiClient is a simple and powerful .NET Portable Library built to work as a middle layer between your application and a RESTFul service, like the Microsoft WebApi. It provides methods to make asynchronous, typed WebApi requests using the HttpClient class. It takes care of all the logic ...
An EntityFramework generic repository with graph management
The in-memory implementation for the generic repository.
Easy and seamless caching implementation of any virtual method in any class.
Generic Repository for MVC 5 and EntityFramework 6.1 with built-in security logging.
A generic repository pattern for use with EntityFramework. This library also supports accessing multiple DB context in the same project.