Top 20 NuGet generic Packages

A generic repositry implementation using entityframework core, that can be used and extended easily for all purposes.
Contains core monad implementations including Maybe and Either for general use.
EntityFramework storage provider for generic OData API implementation
.NET Class library for generic implementation of an orchestrating scheduler for applications. Based on the idea that scheduling objects is a matter of returning objects on the specified date(s) and specified times(s). Orchestration is the coordination of these scheduled items over time, or, based ...
Implementation of generic CRUD operations for Entity Framework Core in Cqrs approach
A class library for building enterprise applications with WPF, MVVM and Entity Framework Code First
A .Net Core library that executes SOAP service calls using REST SHARP and maps the result to your generic object.
.NET library to ease development of console applications.
Generic discriminating union types to be used as results when you want to make sure every return type is handled explicitly.
Generic data manager for EF CRUD operations
Library to run business logic
Easy to use SIMD accelerated span and array methods Now each method in SimdOps is generic, instead of SimdOps<T>, i.e SimdOps.Abs<T>() instead of SimdOps<T>.Abs().
Provides Generic Web Api Controllers to perform CRUD operations against a Sql Server, including Temporal Tables (GenericDtoController), with DTO support (GenericDtoController), Authorized controller (GenericAuthDtoController)
Provides extension methods that allow to treat collections, enumerables and lists as covariant of a generic type other than their constructed type (i.e. for down-casting collections).
xUnit Tests for netfx-System.Collections.Generic.CovariantExtensions
Provides the missing KeyValuePair.Create static method, following the same approach as the Tuple.Create one to avoid having to type the generic argument parameters and leverage type inference instead: i.e. KeyValuePair.Create("max", 25) creates a KeyValuePair<string, int>.
Exposes a ForEach<T> extension method on IEnumerable<T>, just like List<T> does.
RavenDb implementation of the RedRocket Persistence Framework