Top 20 NuGet fluent Packages

lib12 is a library of universal helpers and extensions useful in any .NET project
This package contains Telerik.OpenAccess.Web.dll targeted for .Net 2.0/3.5 projects
Build query XPath with fluent style code
Fluent validation framework for .net
FluentCache implementations based on Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory
A disciplined way to manage FluentMigration project and track change of stored procedures, sql function...
Chain like a pro, make a fluent interface out of anything.
Xamarin.iOS Fluent Auto Layout Extensions.
Fully managed library providing convenience methods to perform argument checks. Thrower allows to write preconditions in a pretty lean way, which reduces the clutter at the beginning of each method by removing the need to use the cumbersome 'if true then throw ex' required to validate parameters. Fo...
Simple, terse, fluent unit testing of ASP.NET MVC Controllers. ASP.NET MVC 5 version; install FluentMVCTesting.Mvc4 if you are using MVC4 or FluentMVCTesting.Mvc3 if you are using MVC 3.
*TestBase* gets you off to a flying start when unit testing projects with dependencies. TestBase-Mvc adds a rich extensible set of fluent assertions for verifying Mvc ActionResults and for easy setup of ControllerContext and HttpContext for both Mvc and WebApi TestBase.Shoulds ------------------- Ch...
A library for making windsor super easy
A library for making windsor super easy
This library adds compiled materializers to Tortuga Chain.
Cake addin for fluent description to update file content before build (csproj & cs source file).
The fuel for Firestorm.Engine used in the Fluent API.
Build REST APIs using a Fluent API.
WPF extension methods
FluentSharp is an API that dramatically simplifies the use of .NET Framework APIs. It makes extensive use of .NET ExtensionMethods and it reduces the amount of code required. This is the FluentSharp REPL which provides a C# REPL enviroment (REPL is Read Eval Print Loop) which allows for real-time e...
A cross-platform library for processing of image files written in C#