Top 20 NuGet fluent Packages

AssertJ style fluent assertions for .NET testing framework MSTest.
AssertJ style fluent assertions for the Moq mocking framework.
A library for reading and writing fixed-width field text files.
A library for read and writing delimited text files such as CSV, etc.
The core library for FluentFiles. FluentFiles is a library for reading and writing fixed-width or delimited text files.
Core implementation of Specification design pattern. Contains: - Specifications composition (And, Or, AndNot, OrNot) - Specifications negation with validation handling (error message negation, linq negation etc.) - Error handling for validation scenarios - Linq expressions composing
Common implementation of small reusable Specifications. All Specifications are based on Specification design pattern. Specifications support validation scenarios and also can be used like Linq expressions, because they are designed and implemented especially for Entity Framework Core support and p...
This tool generates design classes of ftl files. Set the type of the FTL file to Emmbedded Resource and set the `Custom Tool` to `MSBuild:GenerateFtlTask`.
AutoValidator's aim is to create a simple, fluent and intiutive framework to validate data and models in your dotnet applications. Simply put; an application would validate some data and get a result object. That object would state sucess or failure and detail the failing data.
Simplified fluent way for accessing a Redis cache now ThreadSafe by design RedisCacheManager: + GetOrDrill + GetOrDrillLong (30 min) + GetOrDrillShort (10 min) + Overwrite + Poison q: [2.0] - RedisCacheInstance for multiple cache server usage [1.5] - Added thread safety v...
This is the Flurl package, repackaged with strongly named assemblies. See for the official project.
Simple, fluent, lightweight assertion library to create assertion points in your code.
StringDB is a modular, key/value pair DB designed to consume *tiny* amounts of ram & produce *tiny* databases.
Core dependency for AssertNET: AssertJ style fluent assertions for .NET Standard.
Fluent.Net is a C# implementation of Project Fluent, a localization framework designed to unleash the expressive power of the natural language. Project Fluent keeps simple things simple and makes complex things possible. The syntax used for describing translations is easy to read and understand. At...
Chain like a pro, make a fluent interface out of anything.
A simple library to make working with paths better
PheroMonads is a set of the three principal Monads implemented in .NET Core (Try, Maybe and Either). It allows to simply connect and pipelining different functions in a fluent/functional fashion. It is lightweight and has no dependencies.
A fluent library to print out a nicely formatted table in a console application C#
This sample demonstrates the use of the Telerik DataAccess Code First (also known as Fluent Mapping) support.