Top 20 NuGet fluent Packages

NUnitLite provides a simple way to run NUnit tests, without the overhead of a full NUnit installation. It is suitable for projects that want to have a quick way to run tests using a console runner and don't need all the features of the NUnit engine and console runner. Supported platforms: - .NET Fr...
The Telerik.DataAccess.Core NuGet package provides the Telerik Data Access runtime assemblies necessary to consume Telerik Data Access persistent objects, without defining any mapping. If this project contains persistent classes and defines mapping, the Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent NuGet package is re...
This package provides backward-compatible versions of Windows UI features including UWP XAML controls, dense control styles, and Fluent styles and materials. It is part of the Windows UI Library.
Fluent Assertions extensions for ASP.NET MVC 5.
Through a fluent, extensible interface, NBuilder allows you to rapidly create test data, automatically assigning values to properties and public fields that are one of the built in .NET data types (e.g. ints and strings). NBuilder allows you to override for properties you are interested in using lam...
A Simple Fluent REST API Client.
Fluent API for querying. To be used to provide a fluent API alternative to LINQ.
Send emails very easily. Use razor templates, smtp, embedded files, all without hassle. This is a Base Package and includes just the domain model, very basic defaults, and is also included with every other Fluent Email package here.
FluentFiles is a library for reading and writing fixed-width or delimited text files.
ImageUltimate is the fastest and easiest ASP.NET image resizer which supports ASP.NET Core 2.0+, ASP.NET MVC 3+ and ASP.NET WebForms 4+ web applications/web sites. ImageUltimate can also be used with .NET Core 2.0+ and .NET Framework 4.0+ console/desktop applications for conversion between several i...
Simple type-safe ORM for access to database using fluent statements
A simple, strongly typed .NET C# command line parser library using a fluent easy to use interface
Framework to help testing Restful APIs in a fluent style that are easy to write and understand. Allows you to write your Api Requests and Asserting the response in a fluent manner. Compatible with NUnit, MSTest, XUnit and any test runner.
Package to help using Newton JsonSchema package to validate response models from an Integration test using RestFluencing.
This is the Flurl.Http package, repackaged with strongly named assemblies. See for the official project.
Now we're talking. Send emails via SMTP.
Fluent Validation library.
AssertJ style fluent assertions for .NET testing framework xUnit.
AssertJ style fluent assertions for .NET testing framework NUnit.