Top 20 NuGet fluent Packages

AngularJs/Javascript version of FluentValidation Api
MyTested.HttpServer is a unit testing library providing easy fluent interface to test remote HTTP servers. See the project repository and documentation for more information and available features.
A fluent library of wonderful extensions and utilities that can make your code short and clean.
The implementation and fluent syntax are inspired from the well-known library Fluent Validation. However, I implemented it using Chain of Reponsibility pattern and made it fully support Dependency Injection for validator classes.
Parser and lexer generator that does not require a pre-build step and configurable using fluent configuration.
Templated classes and abstractions to simplify System.Diagnostics. Provides easy encapsulation of activity and logical operation scopes, as well as simple support for dependency injection frameworks. This package also includes a starting sample configuration for System.Diagnostics. Other Esse...
FluentCassandra is a .NET library for accessing Cassandra, which wraps the Thrift client library and provides a more fluent POCO interface for accessing and querying the objects in Cassandra.
Complement for System.Linq.Expressions, including a C# writer, useful custom Expression nodes and extension methods.
FluentSharp is an API that dramatically simplifies the use of .NET Framework APIs. As an example, the reflection wrapper is probably one of the most powerful .NET Reflection APIs, since it provides (via user-friendly methods) full access to all .NET classes, methods, properties, fields and enums (re...
The core interface to implement fluent APIs that hide the default System.Object members.
Fluent Automation is a simplified DSL for web application automation testing.
A fluent ORM and Database Reflection Library for MS Access.
A .NET Standard 2.0 library that provides a fluent API for building SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 messages.
Reinforced.Lattice additional Razor templating extensions for ASP.NET MVC 4
Reinforced.Lattice additional Razor templating extensions for ASP.NET MVC 4
Reinforced.Lattice Razor helpers for changing layout design templates built for ASP.NET MVC 5
A simple, strongly typed .NET C# command line parser library using a fluent easy to use interface.
A cross-platform library for processing of image files written in C#
Fluent Stored Procedure Extensions for EntityFrameworkCore
*TestBase* gives you a flying start with - fluent assertions that are simple to extend - sharp error messages - tools to help you test with “heavyweight” dependencies on - AspNetCore.Mvc, AspNet.Mvc 3-5, or WebApi Contexts - HttpClient - Ado.Net - Streams & Logging - Mix & match with your ...