Top 20 NuGet fable Packages

Fable Core Library
Fable: F# to JS Compiler
Hot Module Replacement for Elmish apps
Package Description
Elmish core for .NET apps
Debugger for Elmish apps
Elmish extensions for writing Fable apps with React and ReactNative
Toast encapsulation program for your Elmish application
Helpers around Bulma for Elmish apps
Helpers around Bulma for Elmish apps
Fable.Template.Electron App
Fable binding for the Parsimmon parser combinator library
Helpers around Bulma for Elmish apps
Bindings for the Free icons of Font Awesome, should be used with Fable.FontAwesome
SAFE Stack Template
Elmish extensions for Fable apps targeting web browsers
PouchDB wrappers and helpers for Fable
Minimal template for using Fable 2.1
Helpers around Font Awesome for Fable.React apps
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