Top 20 NuGet fable Packages

Package Description
Fable: F# to JS Compiler
A library for easily making Http requests in Fable projects.
Fable bindings for downshift.
Debouncer implementation for Elmish applications
Fable bindings for Babylon.js
Helpers around Bulma for Elmish apps
Wrapper for BluePrint.Core for Fable Elmish
Fable binding for date-fns, implemented as extension methods for DateTime
Dotnet client proxy that is compatible with Fable.Remoting web servers
Fable binding for node-mssql, a Microsoft SQL server client library with an idiomatic F# API
Fable bindings for mdi-material-ui.
Fable bindings for @material-ui/icons.
Fable bindings for match-sorter.
Fable bindings for autosuggest-highlight.
Elm inspired URL builder.
Fable bindings for Node.js
Fable binding for mocha, the javascript test runner
Toastr integration with Fable, implemented as Elmish commands
F# Units of Measure for primitive non-numeric types. Compatible with Fable.