Top 20 NuGet environment Packages

HumbleConfig is a simple abstraction on top of multiple config sources
Fakta is a Consul HTTP API in F#
This client library is just a collection of potentially useful things relating to the configuration of things
Preflight is a framework that enables applications to expose a secure service endpoint for running environment verifications. See for more details. This packages contains the core engine and the service model.
Environment variable source for smartconf. Visit for more information.
Configure your .Net application via environment variables in a sane manner.
Allow strong type configurations from interfaces and support for multiple sources (environment, appsettings)
Fody add-in for injecting build time environment variables into const, static and instance fields
Replace string tokens with environment variables during build
Type provider for getting environment variables.
SenseLab - Common functionality
Simple JSON Settings from Environment Variable.
Parse PATH environment variable and find programs on it
Working with .netcore applications on Heroku, you have to manually update appsettings.json file from Heroku's Dashboard using environment variables. This package allows automatically getting all environment variables from Heroku and injects all variables (configurable) into the IConfiguration instan...
Injected dependency for retrieve properties passed via command line or environment
ConfigPTFE helps reduces friction by helping software development teams accomplish two goals: 1.) share common configuration data between multiple applications. 2.) switch configuration data used by applications via a global "environment name". (i.e. moves environment specific data out of the web/ap...