Top 20 NuGet environment Packages

Strictly defined configuration when using environment variables
Adds environment settings to the configuration and provides a mechanism to provide environment specifc defaults. This has been extremely useful to me when building services that are hosted with docker in services such as kubernetes and ECS where environment variables are the easiest way to configura...
Simple Settings from Environment Variable.
Cross-platform base framework to set and get env values
Vetcher is a multiple container variable lookup utility with build-in providers for AWS Secrets, Environment Variables, AppSettings, and Static definitions
Library for working with Environment Variables which helps with testing.
This package represents Configuration.EnvironmentVariables adapter for AnyWhere configuration engine. Please visit for details.
Provides current configuration value at build time right in Visual Studio as well as application runtime. This can be utilized to identify test environment for automation testing.
Will help make your code environmentally friendly for testing/quirks (wraps System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager) in a straight forward way.
Environment variables helper
.NET Standard 2.0 library that exposes environment variable interactions through a Dynamic object.
Small .NET Standard library to easy access to all environment variables you need