Top 20 NuGet environment Packages

Pandora allows external configuration for your projects
Orc.SystemInfo library.
Configure a .NET application from a variety of sources.
Shiny BluetoothLE Hosting - Advertising and GATT server functionality
BizTalk.Factory's envrironment settings definition DSL for general purpose BizTalk Server application binding definition parameterization.
Shiny Push Integration - OneSignal
Enables binding environment variables to classes.
Fully managed .NET library to detect the specs of the hardware, available in .NET Framework or .NET Core flavors (.NET Standard).
Official .NET client library for the Degree API, providing accurate heating and cooling degree days and hourly temperature data for locations worldwide. Degree days are a specialist form of weather data that is widely used in analysis of building energy consumption, to account for the effe...
Source code package. An extension which parses the values of the given IDictionary<string,object> and replaces any tokens referencing keys from itself, and then adds all such values to environment variables if they were not already there.
Source code package. A utility class for substituting absent environment variables in the current process from a JSON file.